Mot NATO, for fred

September 11, 2007

The Heart of Western Intelligence

Igor Ahlefeldt (1963-2012)

This was printed in The New York Times, September 11, 2007. Igor Ahlefeldt was Senior Research Fellow in Human Logistics, The Ahlefeldt-Holst Center.

Reports this last week about alleged Al-Qaeda activity and connections in Germany and Denmark fit well in with last month’s airplane hijacking in Turkey and the explosives attack near Glasgow earlier this summer, claiming the life of one innocent civilian. These incidents mark the bitter prolongation of the process that started with the mass murder in New York six years ago, a process which is based on unrestrained and unfounded allegations of Al-Qaeda connections or involvement.

In spite of being thoroughly exposed, the rogue network in the heart of the Western intelligence and military communities is increasingly active, their victims after the London underground bombings in 2005 have exclusively been fortuitous Moslem immigrants or converts in the Western countries where the network operates, pointing at an ulterior judenrein agenda. We are now living one of the saddest and most shameful moments in Western civilization, only being surpassed by events during the Inquisition and the Third Reich.

The acquiescent subduement to self-censorship by some of the larger and influential Western mainstream media, in particular by the New York Times, and their concurring willingness to disseminate bogus news and falsified intelligence reports will possibly by posteriority be viewed as complicity in allowing this course of events to progress unchecked.