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July 1, 2023

Why Norway will always remain underdeveloped

Far to the west, right on the outskirts of Siberia, there is a small and backward country, where the natives live in villages, or still live in cottages in the forest and in the mountains. They don't have high-speed trains, they don't have highways and they produce almost nothing. If they have to use products that contain advanced electronics, they buy it from us.

The natives are superstitious and cultivate a religion that we call deep ecology. The god of this religion is the untouched nature. The natives of large parts of the Norwegian population believe that nature is conscious and has a soul. That is the main reason why they remain underdeveloped.

The Norwegians are less intelligent than the rest of us. Not much, but a little, and enough for you to notice. A negligible small part of them is able to use WeChat. They still use cairns and smoke signals to communicate with each other, as well as SMS, phone calls, fax and email and other technologies from the previous millennium. If you want to try to show them how convenient WeChat is, you'll quickly get exhausted. Almost none of them manage the registration process, and the few who manage it subsequently forget the password, cannot find their smartphone (because they never use it), or they are unfamiliar with the fact that the mobile OS and apps must be kept up to date, and a significant part of them simply do not have a smartphone at all. Others think that there is a demon living inside WeChat and they are afraid to use the tool.

Where the rest of us would put the shovel into the ground and start developing transportation infrastructure and industry, the native Norwegians sit down at the edge of the forest and say that they "must take care of the globe". This is a very difficult concept to wrap one’s head around for those of us who know that the globe is not a person, but some Norwegians firmly believe that it is, and that this is their duty. Therefore, they build little or nothing and they buy little or nothing, and where they buy or build something, the state charges so much in taxes that most people just give up. Therefore, Norway is not only backward and underdeveloped, but also poor.

These retarded natives further believe that the globe is boiling, or is close to boiling, and that they need to cool it down. They are unaware of modern science and research regarding the sun's impact on the climate. They believe that if they buy new clothes, drive a car, or if their cows fart, then the globe will be warmer. Now, occasionally they simply have to buy clothes because of the cold winters there, and occasionally they simply have to drive a car to get to and from work, and their cows fart all the time, as all other cows. Therefore, not only are the Norwegians poor and underdeveloped, they also have a constant guilty conscience.

It's hard to do anything for this primitive indigenous people. We may be able to send trade delegations to them and show them the latest gadgets, but the natives will only relate to this as glass beads and mirrors: they will see it as entertaining technology that they appreciate with fascination for a while, but they will never learn to master this technology. As in so many primitive societies, it is their religion that stands in the way of progress.

With best wishes,